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Eleanor and the Reign of the Lions Volume 1 :

  • • French fiction
  • • Publication date : 13 October 2011
  • • 396 pages
  • • Size : 153x240 mm
  • • Price : 19.90 euros
  • • ISBN : 9782845635142
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    At long last, 10 years after the phe­nom­enal suc­cess of Eleanor’s Bed, the adven­ture con­tinues!

    In the year 1154, the kingdom of England dis­covers Eleanor of Aquitaine: an incred­ibly beau­tiful, seduc­tive, and enchanting woman. She has just mar­ried Henry Plantagenet, soon to become Henry II, King of England. New births follow each other, proof of her power over the King, that goes undi­min­ished as the years go by. She also brings hope of a bril­liant future. A modern woman, deter­mined to lead the life she pleases, Eleanor imposes her pres­ence at her hus­band’s side, and earns her­self the sym­pathy of her English sub­jects, who see in her the promise of a pow­erful nation.

    Her unquench­able thirst for hap­pi­ness puts the fair Eleanor face to face with some dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tions, in which vengeance is her only recourse. With the help of her faithful com­panion, the mys­te­rious Loanna, and moti­vated by her love of her chil­dren, the Queen faces treachery, death, and pas­sion. Spellbinding, she seduces men and women alike…while trying, above all, to main­tain her honour.  

    After the resounding suc­cess of Eleanor’s Bed (One Million copies wold world­wide), Mireille Calmel brings us once again, through the eyes of Loanna of Grimwald, the world of Eleanor of Aquitaine, mother, wife, lover, stirrer of intrigue and woman of power. A fas­ci­nating tale of times gone by, but that could well hold true today…

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