In this book published in November 2016, Emmanuel Macron, who was then presidential candidate, tells us for the first time his personal story, his inspirations, his view on France and its future in a new world that is undergoing a “great transformation”, whose scale hasn’t been seen since the invention of printing and the Renaissance. A strong and singular book that builds the foundation of a new society.

Foreign versions
  • Arab World: All Prints
  • Bulgaria: Sluntse Publishing
  • Brazil: BestSeller
  • China: Hachette Phoenix
  • Denmark: Information Forlag
  • Germany: Morstadt
  • Greece: Psichigios
  • Italy: La nave di Teseo
  • Japan: Poplar Publishing
  • Korea: Liaison Editions
  • Netherlands: Xander Uitgervers
  • Romania: Editura Trei
  • Spain: Malpaso
  • UK, US, AUS & NZ: Scribe Publishing



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