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Being Young at All Ages

An illustrated self-help guide to a longer, happier life

“In Ancient China, the custom was to pay the doctor…once you felt better. As soon as you fell ill, healthcare became free. Why? Because a good doctor should be able to prevent illness.

By writing this guide, I wanted to explain to each and every one of you, according to your age, the characteristics and the potential of your bodies, the problems you may encounter and the simple ways to prevent them. At the ages of 20, 50 or 80, life doesn’t require the same kind of efforts, and doesn’t find resources in the same places. The aim of my book is to give each of you a guide to how to life a longer, happier life.”
Dr. Nadia Volf


Foreign versions

Sold in 9 languages

  • Belgium/Dutch: ZNU
  • Brazil: Editora Bestseller
  • Bulgaria: Colibri
  • Germany: Goldmann Verlag
  • Italy: Oscar Mondadori
  • Poland: Sonia Draga
  • Portugal: Porto
  • Russia: Ripol
  • Turkey: Dharma

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