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We are all unique
8 case studies, 8 tips for healthy living

An individualized approach to pain prevention and well-being.
Variety is the spice of life! You cannot cure everyone the same way.
Nadia Volf explains how understanding our own natures can help us improve our welfare.

By filling in a comprehensive questionnaire, based on our likes and dislikes, our most common afflictions, our sensitivities, we will be able to determine what natural organism category, or nature, each of us falls under, and what illnesses we are most prone to.

For each nature (eight total), Nadia Volf lists the key organs, common physiological manifestations, strong and weak points, biologically speaking…

A sensible, practical guide for clean living, We are all unique offers a tailored program, depending on your individual test results, with advice on many aspects of your life: dietary habits, use of spices and other nutritional additives, recommended plants, acupuncture points most in need of stimulation, images, smells and melodies which you should expose yourself to, and physical exercise routines to carry out.


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