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The Compass of Emotions

Doctor, international lecturer with multiple degrees in Acupuncture, Nadia Volf helps us overcome problems and open to life with joy.

When events hurtle down on us like squalls in a storm, obliterating everything else and overtaking daily life, blowing off our arranged course and attempting to drag us to a fatal point of non-return… how do we stay on track and not get lost in the confusion?

What is our inner compass that can guide us in every moment?

As Dr Nadia Volf states, there is always a « post-storm » moment when you have to rebuild yourself. “Overcoming is a matter of lifting yourself up like a plane above the clouds to the place where the sun is shining. We have the power to overcome violent emotional shocks and take back the reins of our life.”

In this book, Nadia Volf shares concrete & simple practices based on stimulating acupuncture points, plants, elixirs of stones and other ancient techniques to allow each of us to take care of our emotions, overcome problems and rediscover peace and joie de vivre.

«This book is based on the true stories of people I have met for over 40 years. Yes, the human body and mind can overcome trials and become stronger and more fulfilled.»


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