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The Girl of The Knights Templar
Volume 2

July 1322. Kingdom of France.

“All who have sinned out of pride, out of greed, you will die. And Flore Dupin shall deliver the sacred balm to whom, from another lineage, will have deserved it! “

Thus fell the curse on the last Capetians, guilty of having burned in a public square the Great Master of the Order of the Temple.

Charles IV must find at all costs this Flore which would have in her possession the secret of the Knights Templar: the key, for any sovereign, to divine protection. An implacable hunt, from Parisian palaces to the slums of London, then begins.

As the noose is tightening around Flore, the rumor grows: what if the young woman’s mission was to hand over the sacred balm to the Prince of England?

A single king for both kingdoms.

The ultimate revenge…

Cursed kings, a mysterious brotherhood, courageous women, with this second volume of The Girl of the Knights Templar, Mireille Calmel reveals the extraordinary outcome of a great adventure novel.


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