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Little Eagle

As he comes home from school one autumn evening, Little Eagle, thirteen years old, comes upon his sobbing mother, who confesses that he isn’t her son. She found him, twelve years ago, in the terrifying Spirit Forest, where no one can stay for more than an hour without losing their mind. She wanted to keep the truth from him forever, except that the previous day, Master Gael, the village chief, had been interrogated by mysterious strangers about a foundling child…

Little Eagle had always considered himself, like his mother, part of the Tsawuno clan, whose symbol is a black and gold eye. He always thought that Gaelia, their little village, nested in the Speranza Forest, dominated by the Aminor mountains, was his village. He’s feeling desperate, lost, and very angry.

He decides to search for his real parents, accompanied by no one other than his white wolf, Loulou, who he can understand his thoughts. Even if this means leaving his mother and his village, and crossing the vast territory overgrown with forests that separates him from Nolen, the only city of this world, that protects itself from the wilderness and its inhabitants behind its high reaching, impenetrable walls.

Guided by the dreams that haunt him every night, Little Eagle embarks on this perilous journey, at the end of which he will discover what good and evil feelings motivate men, as well as the truth behind his birth and his role in this world.

Léa is 12 years old, she lives on a farm in central France with her parents.
She started writing at the age of 7. She feels a little lonely (her older siblings are twins), and has an imaginary friend called Little Eagle, and she would read out his weekly adventures to her class. Slowly, his adventures became a coherent story, and about a year ago, Lea decided she wanted to make a book out of them…


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