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Tara and Cal
Volume 1 : Tara and Cal

Is a Spellweaver without magic still a Spellweaver?

A new era has begun for Tara Duncan. She who was undoubtedly the most powerful Spellweaver that OtherWorld had ever seen has lost her magic. For two years now the heir to the Empress of Omois has been living as a simple human – which proves to be far less amusing than expected….

At the same time, on OtherWorld, the animals, unicorns, centaurs and gnomes are disappearing. Caliban Dal Salan, Tara’s companion, is on a mission to find out who is responsible for these disappearances. While Cal is investigating the famous peacocks with one hundred gold eyes, the emblems of Omois, vanish. Tara and Cal absolutely must find out who is attacking the empire, as an ancient prophet said that the day the peacocks no longer fly in the Tingapour Palace the Demiderus Dynasty will be annihilated.

While the tension is growing between Spellweavers and non-Spellweavers Cal must deal with an even greater problem: Tara has been kidnapped! Enraged, the young man is obligated to join forces with his life-long enemy, Magister, in order to find her.

No rest for the brave! In this first volume of the new Tara Duncan series, Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian delights us with her flamboyant style and humor and she pulls us into her new exciting adventures, where Tara and Cal are the heroes.


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