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Oksa Pollock
Volume 6 : The Last Star

The long-awaited final volume of the magic saga!

Oksa and the Run-for-Your-Lives are chasing their worst enemy: Orthon. With the help of his two sons, Gregor and Tugdual, he is unscrupulously using his magical powers in the wings of the White House in Washington, DC. His goal is to create a new world in which only the elite will survive. To make this happen, he has developed a terrible virus that destroys anyone who does not adhere to his master plan. Yet, the masses still believe he has been sent to save them.

The Run-for-Your-Lives are the only ones who can stop him before it’s too late: too late to save Edefia, that is. Orthon plans to destroy the star that protects their native planet by making it invisible. Without its protective cover, Edefia would be exposed to and pillaged by the Earth’s inhabitants. And Oksa, who has a very special bond with this star, would die.

From Detroit to London, from Russia to Japan, the Run-for-Your-Lives must accomplish one final mission, the most dangerous of them all.
Will the world be spared Orthon’s mad plans? Will Edefia remain invisible? Will Tugdual, who Oksa can’t bring herself to hate, break free from the psychological hold Orthon has over him?

Love, unity and magic will be needed more than ever in order to triumph.


Foreign versions

Translated into 6 languages

  • Croatia: Skolska Knjiga / Lumen
    Germany : Oetinger Verlag
    Israel: Dani Books
  • Japan : Nishimura
    Korea : Sodam & Taeil
    Taiwan : Sun color

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