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Oksa Pollock
Volume 1 : The Last Hope

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Thirteen year old Oksa Pollock used to think she was just like everybody else, until one night when everything changed…Alone in her room and feeling nervous about starting a new high school, Oksa is suddenly taken aback by strange occurrences: her desk catches on fire, her unpacked boxes explode… And she realizes that it is HER OWN doing!

She had always dreamed of becoming a ninja, and all of a sudden she has supernatural powers! Lost and scared, she doesn’t dare tell anyone about what’s happened…

But the strange events are far from over. On the same night, a strange mark appears on her stomach. Oksa confides her eccentric grandmother Dragomira and learns about her secret birthright: the Pollock family comes from Edefia, an invisible former utopia hidden somewhere on Earth. Oksa is their last hope, their only chance of going back.

Her life will never be the same again. Despite help from her friend Gus, how is she going to balance her ordinary high school life with fulfilling her stunning destiny?!

Warning, this book is magical. Once we get to know Oksa, we can’t live without her, or without the amazing Pollock family and the extravagant creatures of their world…

The story of this book is just as fantastic as its content. Oksa Pollock’s adventures were originally self-published by Anne Plichota and Cendrine Wolf, and immediately became an unprecedented success through word of mouth among its young readers. Pollockmania is only getting started…


“Quake, Harry Potter! Pollockmania is born”
Le Point

“A publishing fairytale”
Le Figaro magazine

“Powerfully seductive. Definitely magical”

“The saga is going to set off a whirlwind in bookshops”
Le Nouvel Obs

“Oksa Pollock’s Fantastic adventure”
L’Est Républicain

“We are all Pollockmaniacs”


Foreign versions

Translated into 27 languages

  • Brazil: Suma / Santillana group
    Bulgaria: Riva
    Catalunia: Columna
    Croatia: Skolska Knjiga
    Czech Republic: Jota
    Estonia: As Tea Kirjastus
    Germany: Oetinger verlag
    Hungary: Könyvmolyképző Kiadó
  • Israel: Dani Books
    Italy: Sperling & Kupfer
    Japan: Nishimura
    Korea: Sodam & Taeil
    Latvia : J.L.V Jumava
    Macedonia: Prosvetno Delo
    Norway: Det Norske Samlaget
    Poland: Czarna Owca
  • Portugal: Presenca
    Romania: Allfa
    Russia: Olma Media
    Serbia: Vulkan/Mono I Manjana
    Slovakia: SPN Mlade Leta
    Spain (World Castilian and Catalan): Planeta
    Sweden: Rabén and Sjögren
  • Taiwan: Sun Colors
    Turkey: Artemis / Alfa Group
    UK: Pushkin Press
    Vietnam: Nha Nam

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