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Tara Duncan
Volume 1 : The Spellweavers

Humor, adventure and magic for the first volume of the exploits of a Spellweaver like no other!

Tara, an ordinary young girl, learns that she is a Spellweaver. She finds it rather corny….

She barely has time to process the news before her house is attacked by emissaries from the Magister, the Master of Sangraves! She then discovers that her mother, who had disappeared years earlier, is still alive and is a prisoner of the sinister Magister. Determined to find her at any cost, Tara, who hasn’t yet mastered her powers, leaves for OtherWorld, the planet where magic reigns.

Accompanied by her great-grandfather, who had been transformed into a Labrador by a sort of magic spell gone wrong, Tara discovers fascinating creatures, an uncanny palace, vampire-like people, dragons and dwarfs. Although some become friends, Tara’s ultra-strong powers also attract malicious envy.

Will Tara become strong enough to face her enemies? Does the young Spellweaver still have a chance to find her mother?


“The French little sister of Harry Potter”
Paris Match

“She is our J.K. Rowling”


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