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Tara Duncan
Volume 8 : The Maleficient Empress

Banished on Earth for almost destroying OtherWorld, Tara is entirely cut off from her past life.

With no news from her friends Robin the doe-eyed elf, Cal the Patented Thief, or soft Sparrow, far from her MagicGang, the young girl languishes, trying to make time move faster.

The day she turns sixteen, however, terrible news reach her all the way from OtherWorld: Magister’s sangraves are conducting an attack against the heads of all the States, and against the members of the MagicGang. Several have been injured, some seem to have disappeared.

Tara is terrified when she realises that Magister is trying to wipe out her loved ones. He knows she’s nothing without her friends. As soon as he has neutralised them, he will have her within his grasp.

But Magister is not the one behind the attacks. Tara uncovers a truth that is much, much worse. Driven mad by fear and rage, she decides to operate in secret: she will enter the magical territory illegally, in order to save OtherWorld. Even if the only way to get there, is through the demonic Limbes.

Love, Humour, Magic, Adventure: we are thrilled to find all the elements which made the success of the young readers’ favourite spellweaver!


Foreign versions

Sold in 2 languages

  • Japan: Media Factory
    Korea: Sodam and Taeil



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