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Tara Duncan
Volume 6 : In Magister's Trap

« Harry Potter’s little French sister » (Paris Matcharrives in XO.

TEASER TARA DUNCAN (Animated film co-produced by Moonscoop)


In the magnificent palace in Ornois, young Tara is fuming. The magical blue cloud that surrounds her trembles from her fury. The evil Magister is the cause of her rage: he has attacked her once again. Or rather, her mother, which is even worse. He tried to kidnap her, right under the very noses of the guards, in the middle of the Imperial Palace’s gardens. This time, Tara has had enough. She doesn’t want to keep living the hunted life she lives, always waiting for her elusive enemy’s next move. She is fifteen, the heir to an Empire, her magic may be among the strongest ever possessed by a human, she is surrounded by loyal friends. She will fight. She will flush Magister out. Then destroy him.
It is the beginning of an adventure, filled with betrayal, deadly perils, and traps. Their friendships, as well as the love stories already begun between them, will be severely tested. Will they prove capable of escaping the claws of this evil mastermind?
Adventure, humour, magic and love: with the adventures of the young witch Tara Duncan, published in more than ten countries, Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian has already conquered the hearts of thousands of readers.

« She is our J.K.Rowling! » Elle


Foreign versions

Sold in 7 languages

Brazil : Texto/Leya

Japan : Media Factory

Korea : Sodam and Taeil

Poland : W.A.B

Romania : Corint

Russia : Ripol Classic

Turkey : Epsilon


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