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Tara Duncan
Volume 12 : The Final Battle

Is all lost? Tara Duncan is exhausted. The power of her terrifying magic puts her on the front line in the fight against the comet that continually tries to devastate the demon planets and collect their souls.

Slowly but surely the Spellweavers fall under their relentless assaults.

And things become even more complicated when the Queen of the elves is assassinated in the Palace of Tingapour.

Who wanted to stop the Queen from talking, and why?

Not to mention the fact that Tara and Cal’s romance is wavering and the young woman has her doubts. Will Robin be able to recapture the heart of the beautiful heiress?

Sent deep into space, Tara and the Magicgang, along with Archange, Master Chem, Mourmur Duncan, Mara or Seleba are going to unbury a secret that has been hidden for over five million years.

Will Tara be saved in an ironic twist by her nemesis, Magistar? Or is this just another of Sangrave’s underhanded pranks to dominate the universe? The final combat has begun and not all will survive


Foreign versions

Translated into 2 languages

  • Korea: Sodam & Taeil Publishing
    Japan: Kadokawa Corporation

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