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Tara Duncan
Volume 10 : Dragons vs. Demons

Otherworld is all a flutter: the Empress let the demons in!

Using Tara’s engagement as an excuse, though Tara has no intention of marrying anyone, Lisbeth offers her niece’s hand to both the magnificent Archangel, king of demons and Master Chem, the great blue dragon.

This should be good for a fight. But all of this is probably just a conspiracy, plotted by mysterious assassins, working in the shadows.
Cal and Robin are the first victims. Cal declared his love to Tara and it’s driving Robin crazy.

And what is Selenba, the vampyr who answers to Magister, brewing by deciding all of a sudden to surrender herself, as if by chance just when the demons show up?

Off to Tadix, the incredible casino planet, where the future of OtherWorld is at stake. Tara will have to face her destiny alone, without the help of the magicgang. She might have to sacrifice her innocence…and her life.

Ten years later, Sophie Audouin-Mamikonian continues to charm millions of readers the world over with Tara’s adventures of love, humor, adventure and magic.


Foreign versions

Sold in 2 languages

  • Japan: Media Factory
    Korea: Sodam and Taeil



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