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Oksa Pollock
Volume 2 : The Forest of the Lost

Gus has vanished!

Oksa’s best friend disappeared this morning, somewhere inside St Proximus, their magnificient London college. All that’s left of him is his mobile phone, which Oksa retrieves from the floor of one of the classrooms.
Scrolling through the phone’s pictures, she finds a blurry photo of a woman who seems strangely familiar.
Who is she? And what has happened to Gus?
Oksa doesn’t know this yet, but in her search for the truth, she will uncover dangerous family secrets which had so far remained hidden. She won’t hesitate, in her quest to save her friend, to dive into a parallel universe, a world where magic goes hand in hand with fear, and where the Run-For-Your-Lives will experience deadly ordeals.
With help from the irresistible Foldingots, not to mention the guarded Guessrel, will the young Graciousness find in time the only exit from the Lost Forest?

Warning, this book is magical. Once we get to know Oksa, we can’t live without her, or without the amazing Pollock family and the extravagant creatures of their world…

The story of this book is just as fantastic as its content. Oksa Pollock’s adventures were originally self-published by Anne Plichota and Cendrine Wolf, and have met with unprecedented success through enthusiastic word of mouth among its young readers. Pollockmania is only getting started!

“It goes without saying that this is a wonderful, fantastic novel, and it needs to be brought to the public’s attention right away!” – Les Sandales d’Empédocle

“Could the new J.K. Rowlings be French?” ELLE

“Pollockmania is born.” Le Point


“Quake, Harry Potter! Pollockmania
is born”
Le Point

“A publishing fairytale”
Le Figaro magazine

“Powerfully seductive. Definitely magical”

“The saga is going to set off a whirlwind in bookshops”
Le Nouvel Obs

“Oksa Pollock’s Fantastic adventure”
L’Est Républicain

“We are all Pollockmaniacs”


Foreign versions

Translated into 25 languages:

  • Brazil: Suma / Santillana group
  • Bulgaria: Riva
  • Catalonia: Planeta
  • Croatia: Skolska Knjiga
  • Czech Republic: Jota
  • Estonia: As Tea Kirjastus
  • Germany: Oetinger verlag
  • Hungary: Könyvmolyképző Kiadó
  • Israel: Dani Books
  • Italy: Sperling & Kupfer
  • Japan: Nishimura
  • Korea: Sodam & Taeil
  • Latvia : J.L.V Jumava
  • Norway: Det Norske Samlaget
  • Poland: Czarna Owca
  • Romania: Allfa
  • Russia: Olma Media
  • Serbia: Vulkan/Mono I Manjana
  • Slovakia: SPN Mlade Leta
  • Spain (World Castilian and Catalan): Planeta
  • Sweden: Rabén and Sjögren
  • Taiwan: Sun Colors
  • Turkey: Artemis / Alfa Group
  • United Kingdom: Pushkin Press
  • Vietnam: Nha Nam

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