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Susan Hopper
Volume 1 : The Lost Perfume

A new protagonist.
A new dark tale.
A new series by the authors of Oksa Pollock.

After the resounding success of their first series, Cendrine Wolf and Anne Plichota are embarking on a new adventure: Susan Hopper, a new cocktail dreamed up by these fantasy-loving authors. A unique and endearing protagonist, a haunted mansion in Scotland, both zany and unsettling characters and…a mystery to solve!

Susan is three-years-old when she loses her parents in a terrible fire. For ten years, she lives between an orphanage and foster homes, each experience ending in failure. Until one day, she meets the Hoppers. She and Eliot, age 15, a “Child of the Night” suffering from a genetic disorder, are immediately drawn to each other and bond through their nightly adventures.

As she arrives at the Hopper’s mansion, Susan begins sharing strange dreams with Eliot, his grandfather Alfred and their little dog Georgette. All four of them are thrown into the heart of a very dark secret, sparked by a curse tightly linked to Susan’s family history, in a world where the living dead, ghosts and wandering souls intermingle…


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