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Oksa Pollock, Promises of tomorrow
L'espoir des lendemains

The much awaited return of Oksa Pollock

In this new volume in the series, we find our heroine, 10 years later, dealing with the vicissitudes of power, facing the conservative old guard and the youth that wants to emancipate, eager for another world…
Oksa is finally back to Edefia!
After the Civil War, the Lost-and-Found Land gradually recovered from its wounds, thanks to the energy of its inhabitants, the young Gracious and the Runaways. Better days are coming, especially as Oksa and Gus are going to be parents.
But everything is not good as it seems. The allies of the cursed felons band together in secret to overthrow the Gracious power and the youth aspires to know The-Outside. The revolt rises, while, under the effect of climate degradation, Edefia begins to decline.
Stay and fight? Give up and leave? Threatened from inside and outside, Oksa and the Runaways will have to make crucial and cruel choices.


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