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Dream of Another Word
Volume 2 : To the Pearly Gates

The eagerly-awaited sequel to a novel full of multiple twists and turns that portrays young people determined to tackle the great perils of our time… and create a new world.  

Forced to leave the Tower of David in Venezuela, the Gracias have no choice but exile themselves. On the other side of the Atlantic, nuclear danger forces Fany and Shaun to take to the road. They all share the same goal: to meet up and take refuge and protection with Fany’s grandparents in Alsace.

Confronted with unprecedented climatic and economic chaos, the young heroes have to adapt to the fear of the unpredictable situation hovering over them.  Authoritarian security measures, poverty, closed villages, anti-social acts by civil militia, unbridled base instincts… dangers abound.

However, people’s true characters shine though and courage is displayed in the permanent combat between acceptance of the most brutal change on the one hand and the most fervent hope on the other.  Battle is declared.  The Gracias, Fany and Shaun have not had their last word!

Charismatic characters and a powerful message of solidarity and hope
An invigorating contemporary novel


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