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Queen of Palmyra
Volume 2 : The Golden Chains

Third Century A.C., Zenobia has become Queen of Palmyra. She refused to consummate her marriage, convincing her husband that, by respecting her this way, he would win glory. And, thus, when the invincible Persians are advancing on their territory, Zenobia, strapped up tight in an amazing blood red breastplate, takes the lead of the armies of Palmyra. Thanks to her cunning, to her courage and to her faith, she inflicts a terrible defeat to Shapur, the Emperor of Persia. But, while her people are cheering her, Zenobia lies in her tent, broken by the bad news about the awful torture inflicted on Shawaad, the love of her childhood now converted to Christianity.

In the same time, on the other side of the Empire, Aurelianus, now Dux Majorum of the Roman Army, sumptuously celebrates his wedding. He doesn’t know that his entourage has chosen that very night to have the throats of all the suspects of an assassination attempt against him cut.

That he may have wanted it or not, he is now Cesar’s out-and-out enemy and declared rival in the race for the Imperial throne.

These two exceptional destinies are inexorably leading towards the same direction. Zenobia will soon dare the unthinkable: to challenge Rome and the Roman legions.

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