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Queen of Palmyra
Complete Edition

The story of a passionate and magnificent struggle

With Queen Zenobia, A.B. Daniels brings us back to the lavish days of Palmyra, the jewel of Syria, whose existence is presently under threat.

On the night of Zenobia’s birth, in the first century of our era, in the Syrian Desert not far from Palmyra, a ball of fire tore through the sky and struck the Earth causing water to shoot out from the sand, thus bringing prosperity to her tribe.  Meanwhile, a young Roman officer named Aurelian was more and more victorious on the battlefield, putting the Princess of the Desert’s rise to power at risk.

These two destinies will soon be forced to fight a fierce battle for the ultimate power. Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra worshipped as the goddess of the East, and Aurelian, Dux Majorum, who aspires to become a great warrior emperor.

Under the name A.B. Daniel the novelist Jean-Daniel Baltassat, with Bernard Houette in charge of historical research, offer us a passion and adventure-filled novel based on well-researched historical elements. Their previous delve into the historical novel, INCA (XO editions) was a gigantic success worldwide, selling over 500,000 copies in France and published in 25 languages.

Unpublished preface by Jack Lang

President of the Arab World Institute


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