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A Child from Another World

Today is Alex’s birthday.

Who is Alex? He is Lucy’s son, a long awaited child delivered to her from the heavens at Roissy airport, eight years ago, her greatest pride and joy. The only man in her life…

They’re planning to celebrate the anniversary of the day they were brought together, since Alex’s real birthday is unknown, as are his real origins. But what does it matter? Lucie is the happiest of mothers. Alex is intelligent, highly gifted at school, and has a wonderful, symbiotic relationship with his mother. Of course, there are the nightmares that can’t seem to stop haunting him, but which child doesn’t have them from time to time?

Today is Alex’s birthday, and the day Lucie’s life is shattered: Alex disappears.

Lucie begins a frantic, urgent search as she refuses to accept what happened. She can feel that the reasons behind her son’s disappearance are closely linked to his mysterious past. But she will never give up on him, never. But how will she fight against the madness, come from afar, on her own?

A thrilling tale of a quest for origins, the story of an amazing bond between mother and son, which will take them on a journey beyond anything they could have imagined.

Jean-Daniel Baltassat creates, under the pen name of A.B.Daniel, greatly successful novels (Inca, Reine de Palmyre, Les Roses Noires, published by XO publishing house), while exploring, under his real name, other literary frontiers (L’almanach des vertiges, published by Robert Laffont in 2009).


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