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The Last Days of Paris

A spectacular fantasy thriller about the History of Paris and its lost river.

It’s a Spring evening. In the famous menagerie in the Jardin des Plantes, the animals are restless. They’re screaming, banging against the bars of their cages. They can feel something’s coming.

At 2 AM, the police receives a panicked phone call. A baby has been kidnapped. Then, the phone rings again. And again. 5 babies are kidnapped that night.

At sunrise, the whole city is on high alert. As the police searches for the lost newborns, the Seine suddenly rises inexplicably, flooding the city. In a few hours, the city centre is several feet deep in water. Paris is drowning.
A single man has a clue as to what caused the chaos: Sylvain Masson, a young professor at the Sorbonne, knows that his mother, the renowned curator of the Jardin des Plantes, is hiding something. Is she connected to the curse that has descended upon the city ?

With Trinité, a gifted 14 year old girl, who witnessed one of the kidnappings, Sylvain is on the trail, looking for the missing children. Penetrating deep into the secrets of Paris, in its mines, catacombs, and further still, Sylvain and Trinité discover THE secret.

Faced with such an incredible, unimaginable, surreal truth, they have less than 24 hours left to save the city.


Jasmin : “As artful a composition, and as suspenseful, as any produced by the authors of the best US television series.”

Le Figaro Magazine : “An author who has a passionate love for popular literature and who never looks down on it.”


Foreign versions

Sold in 2 languages

Russia: Ripol

Slovakia: Ikar

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