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The Silence And The Fury

A lost lake in Ontario and, in the middle, a cragged little island where the evil wind of suspicion blows.
Max King, a pianist beloved worldwide, lives there reclusively, a prisoner of his obsessions and nightmares.
Ten years before, a tragedy condemned him to silence: the slightest note on the keyboard causes him unbearable pain.
For this grand artist, music has become his executioner.
Max sees no one other than his housekeeper. Neither his wife Fiona, nor his son Luke, who has left the island and who everyone once referred to as the “little prince”.
A future pianist of genius, like his father.
Luke’s return will resonate like a cataclysm on this cursed soil.
And the fury will soon surge from the silence.

The novelist Nicolas d’Estienne d’Orves and his mother, the screenwriter Nathalie Carter, have written a virtuoso four-handed psychological thriller “… where it is a matter of music, islands, faraway lakes, engulfing nature, a deadly piano, unresolved crimes and unpunished passions.”


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