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Orphans of Evil

What became of the children born in the Lebensborn, those human breeding farms created by the Nazis? The answer is in this gripping thriller.

Germany, 1995: on the same day, four men are discovered naked, the right hand cut off, a broken phial of cyanide in the mouth. Only one thing is certain: the four men were all born in a Lebensborn, the Nazis’ most secret organization, stud farms where the SS procreated, providing little Aryans to achieve their insane dream of a pure race. The German authorities hush up the affair.

Paris, 2005: Anaïs, a young journalist, is contacted by a strange character, Vidkun Venner, a rich Norwegian collector. Someone has anonymously sent him a briefcase containing four mummified hands—four right hands. He wants Anaïs to help him discover where they come from and why he would have been sent this macabre package.

Quite quickly, the tension mounts around Anaïs. The further she goes in her investigation, the more disturbing signs appear: archive files are stolen; some witnesses refuse to speak, whereas others… disappear. Anaïs begins to have doubts: did everything really stop with the end of the war?

A terrifying initiatory journey from which neither Anaïs nor Vidkun will escape unscathed.


Foreign versions

Sold in 13 languages

  • Bulgaria: Kralitza Mab
    China: Shanxi People's Publishing House
    Czech Republic: Euromedia
    Denmark: Bonniers
  • Finland: Gummerus
    Italy: Sperling & Kupfer / Mondadori
    Netherlands: Mynx - De Boekerij
  • Poland: W.A.B.
    Portugal: Bertrand
    Romania: Allfa
  • Russia : Mir Knigi
    Slovakia: Ikar
    Spain: Plaza y Janes / R H Mondadori

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