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The Red Hand Mystery

Against the backdrop of the catacombs of Paris and the scrublands of Corsica, a thriller set amidst the turmoil of the French Revolution. 

July 1789.
As Parisian revolutionaries storm the Bastille, brilliant young journalist Gabriel Joly – newly arrived in the capital – makes the greatest discovery of his new career. He has uncovered the identity of the Wolf of the Cordeliers, a mysterious vigilante
who haunts the streets of Paris at night… However, just as he is about to be foiled, the Wolf disappears!

A high-speed pursuit ensues that will take Gabriel Joly to the Corsican scrublands on the trail of the Red Hand, a strange secret society whose members have connections with the Revolution raging in the capital.

While Louis XVI fights to save the monarchy, his opponents gain in strength with the increasing support of the people. Their names are Desmoulins, Danton and Robespierre and Gabriel will encounter them all on his mission.

Will he manage to find the Wolf of the Cordeliers and discover the darkest secrets of this mysterious vigilante? From conspiracies to betrayals, the young journalist has, once again, to call on all his powers to resolve the enigma of the Red Hand!?

A likeable hero, a formidable investigator, a gripping historical thriller. 

“An excellent historical novel in the vein of the 19th century masters: Alexandre Dumas, Théophile Gautier and Paul Féval,” Bernard Lehut, RTL


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