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Vitriol Mint
Based on a true story

In any recess of debauchery lie a huge sense of propriety, some immeasurable quantities of pure love and unfathomable depths of soul.

This book is the real-life novel of an icon. Of an exceptional woman. Both famous and unknown. Both an angel and a devil. Both a wolf and a lamb. Between love and death. Between tears and laughter. She is my friend, my soul mate. She agreed to disclose a part of her secrets for me. Some were mine too, for our ways crossed ,superposed, fused together.

She left the countryside where she was born to become a feminist activist and one of the first porn-movie actresses. And, above all, she was, during the last twenty years, the owner of two mythical libertine clubs, named “Le 106” and “Le 41”, where anonymous and famous people mixed together. Beyond her own route, I suggest you to discover the changes of the confessed or hidden sexual habits of a secret France.

Everything you are told in this book is true, amazingly true. It is, also the electrocardiogram of strange times. And, above all, it is the story of an astonishing and violent way.

Her name is Denise. That is no fictitious name.


“A shocking book, as nowadays readers like.”

“An uncommon glance at the changes of our society, with a libertine and festive background. A book to be read in spite of some deceptive criticism.”
Le Maine Libre

“This real-life novel is a tender journey in the country of freely consented lust.”
La Dépêche du Midi


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