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The Joyful Always Heal

François Rabelais said, “The joyful always heal.”

Patrick Sebastien has made this his motto, his life’s lesson, his standard, to face tough moments, wounds, grief, defeat and betrayal, there is only one solution: joyfulness.

Patrick Sebastien applies this philosophy to his daily life, which has not always been easy. Through numerous anecdotes, the man who finds everything funny shares the things that make him burst out laughing, because “daily life is so unpredictable and irreversible that smiling about it is much more pleasurable than crying about it.”

A feel-good book.

After Call me when you Get There and It’s Nice Out…Alas! Patrick Sebastien shares his secrets once again. Straightforward, true to himself, both laughing and crying, he shares his joys and doubts, and his daily happiness.

An ode to life…


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