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The strength to love

When your dreams are bigger than yourself, happiness is possible…

Jamila is born on a council estate with dreams bigger than herself. She quickly comes to realise, however, that her family has her future, and her marriage, all mapped out. She vows to herself that she will become a judge, to right the wrongs of the world.

One day she hears about Michel Vaujour, a legendary armed robber famous for having escaped from prison in a helicopter. The extreme solitude and isolation of this man reminds the law student of the straitjacket into which her family wish to place her.

On an impulse, she writes to him. Their first meeting in the prison is a shock. Michel Vaujour is impressed by the strength radiating from Jamila who, in her turn, decides to help him get him out of prison by an aerial escape. The operation fails and she is sentenced to seven year incarceration.

From their respective prisons, Jamila and Michel write passionate letters to each other. She begs him to finally put down his arms and to give up on a life on the run. Michel eventually listens and extinguishes the anger that burns inside him, abandoning his ideas of hara-kiri. Believing, for the first time in over 20 years spent behind bars, that happiness is possible…

The extraordinary love story of two beings passionate about freedom


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