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A little voice told me to keep losing weight

“I head for the scale: 33.8 kilos. I’ve lost some more weight, part of me is satisfied. But I’m also sad: if I keep losing weight I’ll have to stay in the hospital for a long time. And I have my baccalaureate to take…I feel like the illness is eating me up. There is almost nothing left of me. Why am I so happy to keep getting thinner?”

For almost two years, Solène was caught up in the hell of anorexia. In this diary, she tells of the « monster » that showed up at each meal and keeps her from eating: a haunting little voice that makes her believe she is a “zero”, “enormous”, “filthy”.

Thanks to persistence, the love of her family, the support of the medical staff, Solène will regain confidence in herself and find the taste for life once again. A liberation that this radiant young woman, now a student, wants to communicate to all the others.

 “I would like this book to help teenagers to better accept themselves, to let go and that it also helps parents to seek help from the very first signs of the illness. Anorexia is a nightmare. At any time of the day or the night we can find ourselves in distress, alone, lost…on the edge of an abyss.”                 

The staggering testimony of a recovery.
A magnificent message of hope!


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