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What if life was just the beginning ?

As a child, Jean is already different from the others. Is this due to the early death of his father or to his extremely sensitive and dreamy character?

In the sixth grade, he amazes his classmates by telling them scenes that they will experience only a few moments later. As the years go by, Jean becomes more and more clairvoyant, guessing secrets and unsaid things.

Then voices begin to speak to him. Those of the dead who will never stop calling him. He then decides to be a go-between for the living and the spirits. He will never make a profession out of his skills and will always remain worthy of those he calls the «doctors of the sky».

Many people come to him to seek answers. Some very well known, others simply anonymous. All are impressed by his gifts of clairvoyance and healing. At his side, even the most skeptical
begin to believe in a life after death.
For Jean Testanière brings us a consoling answer to a fundamental question: earthly life is only the beginning.


«A life full of encounters with celebritie and common people, narrated in a fascinating opus that is already a bestseller. A must-read.»

«The life of Jean Testanière is not just a novel, it is a real page turner.»


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