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The Armenian
The Indestructible Thread of Life

At the heart of the Armenian genocide. From a mother to her daughter.

“I am the child of several storms, the daughter of rivers of blood. I was born to Armenia but my heartland was destroyed. As a child in Paris I listened to the faraway echoes of my people whose throats were slit there in 1915. All my life I’ve heard people speak about “there”. Achrène, my grandmother, was from “there”, Azad, my mother, was from “there”….Like millions of women and children, injured, beaten, sold, raped, drowned, deported, they were destined to die. They miraculously survived. Over the years I reconstructed their history.
This book was written with the ink of my soul.”

By telling the incredible history of her grandmother and her mother, Gaya Guérian reveals the terrifying cruelty of the Armenian genocide. She also shows that even with the most foreboding of legacies it is possible to embrace life.

A book to know and never forget.


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