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The Last Paycheck

The angry cry of a woman who won’t back down

In the workplace “seniors” are becoming increasingly vulnerable. Women suffer the most from this insecurity. How can one live today, at 50 years of age and with no recognition, on more than 500 euros per month?

In this moving book, Margaux Gilquin tells us about the uphill struggle to survive that thousands of women face every day. Margaux was 48 years old when she lost the job she had held for close to ten years.

A terrible journey began and she faced dole lines, temporary work agencies, strange propositions, arrogant recruiters and the like, all of which lead to… no job offers. Margaux accepted anything in order to make ends meet and keep her head up, she even handed out her resumé in the airports. Survive so as not to slip farther down…. into the streets.

With sadness and anger, but also a lot of humor, Margaux tells us about her daily struggle to get by.

A book of incredible strength.

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