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I have forgotten to tell you

For the last 20 years, Jean-Claude and I have had an uninterrupted dialogue. I suggested him to write his memoirs. Eleven years later Le Ruisseau des singes was published. The door was on his memories. With J’ai oublié de vous dire, Jean-Claude kept on writing on his life with his humour and generosity.
Attentive to other people and faithful to his friends who were so important to him, he knew how to talk about the people he loves with tenderness, how to share passions and indignation.
One evening with Jean-Claude was full of warmth and laugh. It was a moment out of time when the grand shadows of the past were called to mind and honorated.
It was also the present full of his projects, his energy and his enthusiasm. We will miss his attention, kindness, outspokenness too.

Bernard Fixot


A hymn to memory, to loyalty, to the show that goes on and on!

« Why did I write a sequel to the Ruisseau des Singes (The Monkeys Stream)? Because, once « The end » written on the bottom of the book, thousands of new memories came to my mind and I wanted to share them with you again. Because, obviously, I had forgotten to tell you… »

What Jean-Claude Brialy is telling with this book is the story of an intense life, filled with extravagance, sadness, anger, filled with pleasant encounters and merry friendships. Famous and anonymous ones are intersecting on shortcuts called good-companionship and time to share secrets. Gabin, Trenet, Barbara, Cocteau, Noureiev or Arletty appear to us readers not as stars, but as astonishing characters met during parties, private dinners or shootings by an uncommon man recalling with a personal and warm point of view some unforgettable new appointments… for our greatest pleasure.


“Love confessions, professional indiscretions and provocative portraits…”
Paris Match

“A journey through the past, yes, but, above all, so many delighting moments… Funny and moving.”
La Provence

“The memories he stirs up make as pleasant reading as sharp-tongued is this archivist of the trivial details and of what goes on behind the scenes.”
Le Monde des Livres


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