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Brad Pitt’s astounding career told with Frederic Mitterrand’s verve and talent

«BRAD» is the story of a handsome kid from Missouri who arrives in Hollywood in the mid-eighties with three hundred dollars in his pocket. Since he saw Robert Redford at the drive-in in his hometow, he would like to pursue an acting career in Los Angeles. He spent the first months in L.A. driving a limousine – chauffeuring strippers from one bachelor party to the next, delivering refrigerators – and trying to break into the L.A. acting scene.
But his seven minutes’ screen time in Thelma and Louise turned him into a star almost overnight. He became one of the biggest actors of his generation, and even today, his sex appeal is intact and his popularity does not falter.

«BRAD» is the story of an American adventure marked by ambition, triumph, cruelty and disillusionment, an adventure that made Brad Pitt a modern hero. «His destiny, says Frederic Mitterrand, is the measure of the cinema, of our dreams and our concerns.»

To Frédéric Mitterand, this essay is a return to his great passion: movie & actors.

“I wrote a book about Brad Pitt because I like him. He has the fragility of real men who know how difficult life is. Periods of dark depression—I have them too. Writing about him is a way of sharing them. I don’t know him, he doesn’t know me, we’ve never met, but maybe he’ll pause for a minute when he discovers this message in a bottle, realizing that he has a friend somewhere in France who likes him, admires him, and understands him.”


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