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And If We Were Kind

It’s when a smile is the reflection of a tear,
When the sound of a “I love you” covers an alarm ringing…

I started this book with a poem. Whispering to you. You and I, we know where we will be going. Deep in our intimacy. And with even more kindness since it is the subject that will guide us.

Look around you, you will see that everyone, from the lowest to the highest on the ladder, is thirsty for this kindness. We have lost so much lately! Forgotten, damaged and mocked values, in the time of each for himself. And yet, we know it: you can only be your best friend if you are the best friend of others.

Kindness is as vital as the air we breathe. So, inflate your lungs and follow me. I am taking you to the land of kindness. It is the only trip from which you cannot come back breathless. You will feel soothed, I hope. And better.

Patrick Sébastien

In this work on the tone of trust, funny, tender and without pretense, Patrick Sebastien invites us to dare to take the first step towards the other. To live better with yourself.


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