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Alas, it’s a beautiful day!

“I decided to write during two months. July and August. Like summer slides, snapshots. Following the moments and my mood, as I like so much to do. Without premeditation, as it came. Pleasure of mood.

You know me well by now. It is out of the question to ask me to stay put or to rest. It is only by being active that I can exist. Whether I play, sing or write, I only tolerate a deckchair for a break, but in no case for a long time.

If I stop, I fall. My griefs, my doubts and my bereavement have made me spinning.

So, I film … I have to.”

Patrick Sébastien

On November 22, 2008, Patrick Sébastien lost his mother, “Dédée”, an exceptional woman, to whom he paid homage in Call me when you arrive. In this new testimony that comes from the heart, Patrick Sébastien continues his dialogue with her, who accompanies him day after day, like a constant and benevolent presence. He shares his hopes and his howls, his indignations and his convictions.

A moving, funny and surprising book.


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