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“My name is Thutmosis, and I have built a world.
A world with borders threatened by darkness and barbarism.
A world that could have disappeared under the weight of greed, lies and mediocrity.
But I fought, day after day, with the help of the gods so that the light could shine, and feed the humans.
And my kingdom was of this world. “

In the series of great novels that have made his success, Christian Jacq makes us relive the incredible story of Pharaoh Thutmose III (1504-1450), who will be later nicknamed the Egyptian Napoleon.

Redoubtable strategist, fearless warrior, Thutmosis fought back all attacks against Egypt. But the man was also a scholar who had at heart the constant improvement of the lot of his people. Madly in love with the remarkable musician Satiah, he was the first Egyptian king to be called Pharaoh.

This novel, where the Pharaoh speaks in the first person, tells the extraordinary life of one of the greatest kings of ancient Egypt.

Chosen by the gods, Thutmosis III was too young to rule. A woman, the famous Hatchepsout, therefore ran the country in his place. At the death of the Pharaoh Queen, he was forced to leave his dear libraries to exercise real power.

A great connoisseur of sacred texts, writer, botanist, concerned about public health, Thutmosis is confronted with a major danger from the beginning of his reign. Building on its weakness, a coalition formed in Syria has plans to invade Egypt.

The Egyptian Napoleon will have to conduct seventeen military campaigns to reduce his adversaries to powerlessness. Intrepid, he will lead his professional army beyond the Euphrates, with considerable risks.

Wise, this pharaoh drew himself the scenes of the Book of the hidden chamber on the walls of his tomb in the Valley of Kings. And the twelve hours of night, leading to the resurrection of the sun, will punctuate his existence. A great builder, he notably built the temple at Karnak dedicated to the initiation of high priests.

Faced with adversity and the severe blows that destiny brought him, Tuthmosis never gave up. And his kingdom, inspired by celestial harmony, was of this world.

Featuring passion, combat, ancestral wisdom and search for harmony, with this novel, Christian Jacq immerses us in the adventures and secrets of one of the greatest kings of Egypt.


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