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Nine representatives of a mysterious brotherhood, Sphinx.
Nine keepers of the secret of life, spread out around the world.
Nine sentenced to death by the new masters of technology who believe that money rules and whose goal is spine-chilling: the definitive takeover of the human brain by machines.
From New York these masters have begun a relentless search in order to eliminate, one by one, the members of the Sphinx.
However, they haven’t considered the determination of a Scottish journalist, Bruce Reuchlin, an arduous investigator, ready to risk all to uncover their diabolical plan.
Bruce, however, puts his life in danger with each step. The deeper he delves into his investigation, the more the question of who really governs our world terrifies him.

Progressively the reader discovers, petrified, who really rules our world.


An explosive thriller about the deviations of current technology. 

The story of the heirs of Ancient Egypt, the last opponents to the folly of mankind.


Foreign versions
  • Japan: Take Shobo LTD
    Russia: Family Leisure Club

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