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Nefertiti, the Shadow of the Sun

Nefertiti is the most famous of the Egyptian queens and the fabulous portrait giving her eternal beauty is known the world over.
But what do we really know about this woman, born into lower nobility, who became the Great Royal Wife of Akhenaten, the mystical pharaoh?

Christian Jacq’s novel recounts the extraordinary story of this couple, united by red-hot love, beaking with customs of the time, which was the brilliant and prosperous 8th dynasty (around 1350 b.c.e.).
Endowed with stubborn willpower, Nefertiti, mother of six daughters, was the soul of the revolution that so deeply shook the country. Many changes took place: Aten, the sun disc, was promoted as the sole god to be worshipped; a new capital was built on virgin soil; new dignitaries with no noble background were appointed…

Everything seemed successful but the opposition grew unrelentingly stronger, international relations suffered and unexpected danger jeopardized Nefertiti and Akhentaten’s grand vision.

In this novel, based on the most recent discoveries in Egyptology, Christian Jacq, throws us unto the heart of a tumultuous and unique moment in Egyptian history and invites us to discover the destiny of a woman who remained an exceptional queen right up to her last breath.


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