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Volume 4 : The Beloved of Isis

While sick and crippled with debts, Mozart still composes, because his life depends on his work.

So will he accept, with sort of a premonitory and heartrending surge, the mysterious order for a Requiem, which he will never finish. He is however in a good state of mind, with the birth of another son. And, thanks to his friend Thamos, he find the necessary energy to write, after Così Fan Tutte, the unforgettable Magic Flute, in which he discloses the future of the Egyptian initiation in the West. With this last opera, he has signed his own death warrant… Considered as a dangerous agitator by the political power, by the Church and by a few ambitious court musicians, which all resent his Masonic commitment and his asserted independence while the French Revolution is at its height, Mozart is poisoned. By whom? No one will be able to save him… But his task is complete! Thamos, arrested by the Emperor’s secret police, manages to escape. He goes in search of a new Great Wizard, when a little genius is just born in France, in the Quercy region…

In this new four-volume novelistic series, Chrisitian Jacq discloses the secret relationship between Mozart and Free Masonry and tells us about the spiritual adventure and the secret life of one of the greatest geniuses ever.


Foreign versions

Sold in 13 languages 

  • Brazil: Bertrand
    China: Beijing Fonghong Media
    Czech Republic: Euromedia
    Hungary: Europa
    Korea: Munhakdongne
  • Italy: Cairo
    Poland: Swiat Ksiazki
    Portugal: Bertrand
    Romania: Rao
    Spain: Planeta
  • Slovakia: Ikar
    Taiwan: Sitak group / Global Group
    UK: Simon & Schuster

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