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Egypt, the last hope
The heroic life of the High Priest Petosiris

“You who are living on the Earth, approach my eternal resting place. I will guide you on the path of life.”
Inscription on the tomb of Petosiris

324 B.C. Ancient Egypt is a mere shadow of what it once was ; the two lands, North and South, are occupied by the Persians, cunning and cruel invaders determined to destroy the civilisation of the Pharaohs. There is one town that refuses to surrender, however: Hermopolis, the city of Thoth, god of wise men and scribes. At its head, the High Priest Petosiris and his wife. The couple, known and respected by all Egyptians, organise a shadow army and, with a network of resistance fighters, an uprising is planned as a prelude to a nationwide revolt.

By following in Thoth’s footsteps, Petosiris becomes not only a hero and symbol of the struggle against brutal oppression but also a great sage for all his contemporaries. For Thoth, god of Knowledge and wielder of formulas of magic and power, is the master of precision and conveyer of creative light to humans.

Petosiris and his wife decide to go to the very end in this terrible combat – better to die than to live as slaves… But what if a miracle occurred? A miracle named Alexander the Great who would finally give Egypt back its peace and freedom.

Betrayals, stratagems, conspiracies
A fast paced thriller set in the heart of Ancient Egypt


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