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Volume 3 : The Brother of Fire

“I swear to God, your son is the greatest composer ever…” (Joseph Haydn speaking to Mozart’s father).

Mozart, still supported by his faithful Thamos, is happy to throw himself into Masonic rites and to find in them the inspiration for two famous operas of his: Le Nozze di Figaro and Don Giovanni (warmly applauded by Casanova!). Very much in love with his wife and the father of a boy, his career looks like a good start, with orders flooding in, famous prima donnas knocking on his door, an even with the young Beethoven asking him for advice…

Until some new threats make his future gloomier. Threats from the politic power, which is afraid of the influence of the Lodges and puts them under police surveillance. Threats from some jealous musicians, such as Salieri, who try to stop his musical performances by setting the critics against him. And, more surprising, threats from proceedings started by the tax department which accuses him of financial fraud! Mozart holds on, fights, organizes secret meetings with his closest friends, and often moves. He even manages to have his father and Joseph Haydn initiate…

But will he still make his living while Austria has to cut down its budget to organize, with the allied Russia, the war against Turkey?


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Sold in 13 languages

  • Brazil: Bertrand
    China: Beijing Fonghong Media
    Czech Republic: Euromedia
    Hungary: Europa
    Korea: Munhakdongne
  • Italy: Cairo
    Poland: Swiat Ksiazki
    Portugal: Bertrand
    Romania: Rao
  • Spain: Planeta
    Slovakia: Ikar
    Taiwan: Sitak group / Global Group
    UK: Simon & Schuster

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