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From Now On I don’t Eat Anymore

From a blog to a book, a girl’s fight for teenagers’ lives 200 000 young people are affected today 9 out of 10 are girls 2% of the girls concerned are from developed countries.

A journey into the torments of anorexia
A gripping testimonial to warn all teenage girls and their friends and loved ones against the dangers of letting weightloss rule your life

A book to help you understand how the destructive process emerges
A cry for help that demands a reaction

Eating disorders take on different forms ( bulimia, anorexia) and affect more and more youngsters : ostensibly, 1 out of 10 teenagers. They have dire consequences on their health, and can in some cases lead to death.

Justine is 14, she is 1.71m tall, weighs 76 kilos, and hates her curves. She can’t stand the looks and comments of those around her. She feels uncomfortable in her own skin, decides to start a diet to lose a few pounds, but then finds she can’t stop. She loves the empowering feeling of control over her own body, and it makes her lose all reason. She thinks only of what she eats, even more of what she doesn’t eat. In the end, she loses 36 kilos ! Exhausted, she is admitted to the hospital on the 5th of January 2005, and hooked up to a naso-gastric drip. But she tries to cheat it, refusing this drip that feeds her without any enjoyment in it for her, and she takes a turn for the worse. Her compulsions push her each day to ingest incredible quantities of food, and bulimia takes over from anorexia. Always worn out, and very fragile, she has to take a year off school.

Justine first told her story on a blog that has since become emblematic, visited by thousands of people. Today, she summons us through her book to stop this horrible dictatorship of weightloss and shouts out against those girls who make anorexia into a moral value.

Justine is 17, and lives with her parents in the country.

From Now On I don’t Eat Anymore is written in collaboration with Marie-Therese Cuny who co-wrote Burned Alive by Souad, Forced into Marriage by Leila, Mutilated by Khady, I was Twelve… by Sabine Dardenne, and Dishonored by Mukhtar Mai.


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