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You have to see it to believe it: in 2010, men and women are still being banished from their families for loving someone of their own gender.

“It’s within families that homophobia still hasn’t diminished”, note the organisations.

For the past two years, in fact, cases of minors being rejected by their families, and finding themselves in the street, have been increasing in a frightening way. Insults, beatings, surveillance, confinement: all of these and more occurr when families find out about the homosexuality of their child. Some parents take it out literally on their boys or girls, leaving them no other choice but to move to the street.

For months, Jean-Marie Périer has travelled accross France, meeting those to whom parents have said “get out of here!”, children thrown out of their homes by their mother or father, because of their sexual orientation.

Sandra, Antoine, Jimmy, Hassan and other come from all kinds of backgrounds, and the situation unfolded similarly for all of them: you’re gay? Then get out. But that is just the beginning of the ordeal, since they now have to learn to survive in the streets, without having even reached 18.

Jean-Marie Périer wanted to give a voice to the young people whose stories challenged any preconceived ideas. Eleven deeply moving accounts in which the distress of these minors is combined with Jean-Marie Périer’s cry of outrage.


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