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Faced with Slander

Slander is an ordinary evil that affects many people, and it is also, for each of those whom it strikes, a singular tragedy. In recounting the one I that have just experienced, I hope to provoke a salutary reflection on the numerous misdemeanours and the grave mistakes that have occurred. Giving meaning to this fight, helps me to undertake it.

Dominique Baudis

On Sunday, May 18, 2003, on TF1 prime time news, Dominique Baudis addresses French people to denounce a rumor about him which had begun to spread: his name would be quoted in Patrice Alègre’s new case (who had already been condemned to life imprisonment).

Dominique Baudis is going to fight against this incredible and sickening manipulation: an ex-pimp involved in a crime invents extravagant false revelations; a gendarme allows them to circulate and accredits them without verifying them; the harassment of certain judicial and media actors; a media mogul who settles old scores, false witnesses masked on television, paid testimonials…

How can one live through such a nightmare? This is what this book relates, with as much honesty as determination. A book of current affairs, but also a celebratory book, since it proves that one must never give up fighting against slander.


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