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She is his past…
… he is her future.

Emma lives in New York. At age 32, she is still looking for Mr. Right. Matthew lives in Boston. He lost his wife in a terrible accident and is raising his four-year-old daughter alone.
A serendipitous e-mail encounter and correspondence leads them to believe they may finally have found happiness. Anxious to see each other, they agree to meet in a small Italian restaurant in Manhattan.
The same day at the same time, they both push open the door to the restaurant and are shown to the same table. And yet, they never cross paths.

A game of lies? A figment of the imagination? Some form of manipulation? Caught in a form of reality beyond their comprehension, Matthew and Emma quickly come to understand that neither of them was simply stood up…

A mysterious and moving adventure.
A genius plot on the fringe of reality.
Diabolical, intense and captivating suspense.


“A breath-taking suspense novel paired with a poignant romantic comedy through the lens of time. A guaranteed success.”
RTL, Laissez-vous tenter

“A psychological thriller, impossible to put down, that brilliantly surfs over technology and the space-time continuum.”
France Info, Philippe Vallet – Le livre du jour

“A fabulous ingestigation that brushes with fantasy.  I highly recommend it.  I ate it up!”
Europe 1, Wendy Bouchard

“A novel you devour in a couple hours!”
France 3, Le 19/20

“A true pleasure to read!”
Denis Girolami, i>TELE

“What an acrobat! Guillaume Musso is a magician of suspense, an extra-temporal acrobat who constantly works on improving his show. This guy clearly doesn’t live in the same time-space continuum that we do, as he mixes suspense, romance and various thoughts about the mind, head-spinning technology or feminine beauty.”
Pierre Vavasseur, Le Parisien

“A love story that challenges the laws of time, (…) an intricate plot (…) as rich as one could wish and that surprises you right until the end.”
Blaise de Chabalier, Le Figaro littéraire

“In his 10th novel, Guillaume Musso orchestrates a clever mix of genres and weaves a gripping suspense plot over the backdrop of a love triangle. Impressive.”

“This story is full of suspense.”
Livres Hebdo


Foreign versions

Translated into 17 languages

  • Germany: Piper Verlag
    Hungary: Park Kiado
    Israel: Kinneret
    Italy: Sperling & Kupfer
    Latvia: Zvaigzne ABC
  • Lithuania: Baltos Iankos
    Macedonia: Toper
    Montenegro: Nova Knjiga
    Morocco: Centre culturel arabe
  • Poland: Albatros
    Roumania: Allfa
    Russia: Eksmo
    Serbia: Vulkan
  • South Korea: Balgunsesang
    Spain : Penguin Random House
    Taiwan: Crown
    Vietnam: Nha Nham

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