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Will You Be There?

There is a question that everybody, at least once in a lifetime, must have come up with: if you had the opportunity to, what would you change in your life? If you had to do it again, what remorse, what regret would you choose to obliterate?

Elliott has been professionally very successful. He is a sixty-year-old famous surgeon who lives in San Francisco and whose private life is illuminated by his daughter Angie. He would be perfectly happy if Ilena, the woman he was passionately in love with, hadn’t died thirty years before.

One day, by a strange combination of circumstances, he is brought back to his own past and meets the young man he had been thirty years earlier.

In that time, Elliott was a passionate, enthusiastic and ambitious young doctor. In San Francisco, where he met with Ilena, the Seventies were going full swing.

Since then, the two Elliotts weirdly face each other behind close doors, in a succession of tender and intense moments which is the amazing fit of this novel and which characterizes the “Musso touch”, a mix of suspense and psychological appropriateness.


« The tender account of this encounter is quite charming. Not only is Musso’s style tastefully simple, but his romantic plot is artfully and efficiently constructed like a thriller. »
Anne Berthod, L’Express

« An explosive cocktail of suspense and creativity. (…) Guillaume Musso artfully takes us on a journey in this heartfelt version of Back to the Future. We confess to getting up in the middle of the night just to finish it, and ask ourselves ‘what if we too could start over?’… »

« Three years ago, Guillaume Musso exploded like a cannonball into the literary scene. (…) Will You Be There? is a marriage of opposing forces: entertaining literature that makes you think about the passage of time, and life choices. »
Le Parisien

« Love, suspense and that little something that makes a difference, the dash of spice that gives Guillaume Musso’s novels their very unique flavour: a supernatural one. With cheek and sensitivity, Guillaume Musso leads his plot down the twists and turns of time. »
RTL, Laissez-vous tenter

« Will You Be There? is a romantic version of Back to the Future. The story is brought to us through simple writing and  fantastic imagination. »
Le Figaro Littéraire

« With perfectly chosen, simple words, the author builds a dream in which the reader feels at home. The story grabs us right away, and we can’t shake it, no matter how hard we try. »
Carrefour Savoirs

« Like the work of Grisham, Coben or Cook, Will You Be There? is impossible to put down up to the last line. This is a great skill »

« A captivating novel, written fluidly (…). Guillaume Musso humorously shows us his hopes and fears, which in the end, are not so different from ours! »
Nord Eclair

« Guillaume Musso, (…) is introduced as the youngest French author sold around the world. (…) Well, you know what? We’re totally into his story. He takes care to be credible: the impeccable style, as well as the subtly humorous dialogue, make his storytelling all the more effective and beautiful. »

« Guillaume Musso is a real master in the genre of Dan Brown, Harlan Coben and the like: a real ‘king of page-turners’. »
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Translated into 30 languages

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  • Israel: Miskal Publishers
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    Lithuania: Alma Littera
    Macedonia: Toper
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    Netherlands: Arena
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