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Girl on Paper

“She appeared on my terrace on a stormy night, soaking wet and stark naked:
-Where did you come from?
-I fell…
-Fell out of what?
-Fell out of your book. You know, out of your story!”

One day, Tom Boyd, a famous writer who’s suffering from writer’s block, meets the heroine of his novels. She’s pretty, desperate, and tells him she will die if he stops writing.
Impossible? And yet…
Tom and Billie will embark together on an adventure where reality and fiction are intricately intertwined, constantly shifting in a seductive and potentially deadly game…

A lively and saucy comedy, romantic and suspenseful fantasy
When life hangs by a book!


« Girl on Paper is probably Guillaume Musso’s best novel to date (…). His fans will not be disappointed. The plot is flawless, and the ending is particularly well-crafted and surprising. »
Blaise de Chabalier, Figaro Littéraire

« Funnier and more caustic that usual, Musso’s style remains sinfully effective. »
Jérôme Vermelin, Métro

“Musso is right to risk everything with this novel. (..) Girl on Paper is a cheeky magic trick. Better than that: an elegant migration as light as the flight of a bird, between imaginary and reality. (..). We must have forgotten that life is a novel.”
Pierre Vavasseur, Le Parisien

« Musso has a gift for creating original plots, and building and sustaining suspense until the last page. »
Direct Soir

« A romantic, suspenseful, fantasy novel, that plays the winning card of optimism. »
Le Quotidien du médecin

« Musso knows how to deliver a touch of dreams, and a great pace to the most improbable tales. »
France Soir

« Original writing. A special relationship with the reader. A beautiful combination of fiction and reality. »
Michel Drucker, Studio Europe 1


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