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Afterwards… is a story of a child who comes back from death.

As an 8 year old boy, Nathan drowned in a lake and felt as if he had been inhaled by a tunnel of light. Declared dead, he woke up miraculously.

Twenty years later, Nathan becomes one of the most brilliant lawyers in New York. He has wiped out of his memory the past episode. Currently, when he experienced success, notoriety and prosperity, he is about to learn why he had to come back. Is he still a man like everyone else?

Soon after his divorce from Mallory, he meets a mysterious doctor Goodrich, who claims that he can sense when certain people are about to die. Nathan doesn’t believe a word of this, but he witnesses some disconcerting scenes which seem to confirm the doctor’s claims. And that is when Nathan understands that he’s soon going to die… but is he? We have to read until the last page to find out.

Instant success in trade, Afterwards… initiates the birth of a “style Musso”, where the supernatural mingles with love, and mystery with emotion on the verge of the most crucial of questions: why are we here?


“This novel is dangerous. Once you start it, you can’t put it down until you get to the end.”
Bernard Lehut, RTL – Laissez-vous tenter

“Guillaume Musso is a master at building suspense, as well as the greatest American thriller writers.”

“Guillaume Musso’s suspense is a literary art in its own right. (…) A thriller blended with a dash of the paranormal, and a love story as we like to read them.”

“A story of love, suspense and discovery; the birth of a new literary genre: that of Guillaume Musso.”

“Guillaume Musso’s novel flirts with both the natural and the supernatural, the real and the mysterious; it lies somewhere between Stephen King and Marc Levy, with a unique tone and breathtaking atmosphere, between a suspenseful love story and suspenseful intrigue, enveloped in a mysterious aura.”

“A remarkable French thriller, a must read!”
Télé Loisirs


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  • Brazil: Nova Fronteira
    Bulgaria: Iztok Zapad
    China: Shanghai 99
    Croatia: Ibis Grafika
    Germany: Random House/Piper
    Georgia: Palitra L
    Hungary : Ulpius Haz
  • Italy: R.C.S Libri/Sonzogno
    Liban: Arab Cultural Center
    Japan: Shogakukan
    Lithuania: Alma Littera
    Macedonia: Toper
    Montenegro: Nova Knjiga
  • Morocco: Centre Culturel Arabe
    Norway: Pantagruel
    Poland: Albatros
    Portugal: Bertrand Editora
    Romania: Rao Books
    Russia: Geleos/Eksmo
    Serbia: Alnari
  • Spain: Martinez Roca
    Turkey: Salyangoz
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